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our process

how we do it

Our process digs deep to ensure the brand we craft is a worthwhile investment for your business. We do our homework. Every project starts with extensive research and brand strategy to grow your business, and craft an intentional visual brand that will engage your ideal client. Your final brand should visually communicate the unique value of your business, and grab the attention of customers who know your true worth.

We approach all of our work like a partnership. Listening is vital to our process from the very beginning. We want to hear the way your business works, what your goals are, and how a new brand can engage your industry.
Once we understand your goals, we research. What are the gold standards in your industry? What connects emotionally with your clients? We spend time researching before pencil touches paper.
Good design should change your bottom line. Great brand design is always a part of a strategic plan that changes how you are perceived. Using our research and your input, we create a guide for our design to reach your customers. We follow this guide throughout the design process.
Once we have created a strategic plan, we design a brand that shines. We offer brand identity, print, and web as part of our process to make sure your new look is consistent and professional. We start with the logo, build a complete identity, and then expand the new identity with web and print materials.
We seek your input on how this new brand reaches your target market, and communicates your unique strengths. After perfecting every detail, we launch.
From brand identity to print to web, we make sure you have every tool and the coaching you need to launch and use your cohesive new brand. Enjoy!

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