Three Inspiring Documentaries to Watch

Three Inspiring Documentaries to Watch | Native State Design Co.


These documentaries have one common thread—all tell the story of individuals who were driven  to pursue greatness in their respective vocations. As a creative entrepreneur I found all of these stories remarkable and deeply inspiring for my own work and dreams.

1. Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

Bill Cunningham was the most humble, unassuming icon imaginable. He was singularly obsessed with his mission—documenting and reporting New York Street Fashion and that drive made him the best at what he does. I have so much respect for this quiet man after viewing this insightful look at what drives him. I was so saddened to hear of his passing this year, and I’ll always rank him among the most inspiring of folks.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright (1998)

While he’s the last role model I would ever look to for lessons in humility or basic morality, Frank Lloyd Wright was an undeniable, albeit rakish, genius. He lied and extorted his way through a stop-and-start, late blooming career, but his bad qualities are softened in light of the original, creative, category defying style of architecture he developed. He also overcame multiple failures and a personal life fraught with tragedy and unhealthy relationships on his path to becoming the first true celebrity architect to develop a uniquely American style.

3. The September Issue (2009)

I grew up voraciously devouring every issue of Vogue and Teen Vogue I could get my hands on. I remember this particular September issue coming out and how I cut out my favorite ads and features to paste up on the walls of my teenage bedroom. This inside look at how that issue came to be is fascinating and at times, to my surprise, tear-jerking.

And for a bonus…check out the Chef’s Table series (2015-) on Netflix for profiles of celebrity chefs candidly sharing their failures on the way to success. Not to mention every shot is breathtakingly beautiful and beyond inspiring.

Peering into other creative disciplines and paths to success is a great pick-me-up on this days when you don’t feel like the entrepreneur life is going your way. Do you have any favorite documentaries or shows? Any figures you really look up to? Share in the comments!

Three Inspiring Documentaries to Watch