Three ways Brand Design can Change your Bottom Line

Three Ways Brand Design can Change your Bottom Line

You’ve spent time building a your business concept into a thriving entity. You have a loyal client base, you know what your goals are and you’ve perfected your product. You’ve reached a point where you are embarrassed to hand out your home-made business cards, knowing that your visual identity doesn’t match the level of excellence of your business. You know your services are worth more than you are currently charging, but you aren’t sure how to transition your good business into an industry leader. The answer: good design.

Click through to read three reasons a professionally designed brand is the extra touch your business needs to increase your bottom line.

1. Professional brand design will attract new clients to try your product or services.

First impressions matter, and small businesses need to use every tool possible to turn a first impression into a sale or significant interaction with a client. Design is the first visual interaction a client will have with your business, and shouldn’t you make sure your best foot is forward? Good designers and brand strategists will help you craft a first impression that will lead to new sales by visually communicating your unique value to potential clients. When your brand and website communicate that you are worth the dollar amount you charge, consumers tend to accept your price because they already perceive your value.

2. Well-designed branding gives your client an emotional experience.

Have you ever been standing in a store, trying to pick out the right item to purchase when a beautifully designed label jumps out to grab your attention? The designer who created that label intentionally made choices to elicit that response from you, the consumer. As a small business owner, you likely already know how important it is for your client to have a personal connection with you. You should consider how people emotionally connect not just with you, but with your company. How does your brand reach consumers who are on the fence?

3. Strong brand design keeps your clients coming back.

Which is better, Coke or Pepsi? When all is said and done, there’s not a huge difference between the two products, but somehow people feel a strong connection to their preferred brand. Hardcore Coke drinkers would rather go without than choose Pepsi. A well designed brand that elicits emotional response creates loyalty, trust, and generates repeat business.

Altogether, a well designed brand can attract new clients to try your service or product and will give that client an emotional experience that will lead to loyalty and repeat business. If you can manage that experience by delivering excellent products and customer experience, your business will grow into an industry leader faster than you ever dreamed.

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Three ways Brand Design can Change your Bottom Line